Loch Duart is an independent Scottish salmon producer formed in 1999 to provide salmon of exceptional quality and taste from some of Scotland’s oldest and finest sea sites.

‘Best practice’ is the principle applied to Loch Duart salmon at every stage of rearing, harvesting and supply – a sustainable and environmentally-responsible approach which includes low density stocking, longer growth periods and swim-throughs for net cleaning to avoid the use of chemical anti-foulants.

The natural diet of a salmon is fish and Loch Duart uses fish by-product from the sustainable Icelandic capelin and herring fisheries, recognising natural feed ingredients as central to sustainability and critical to producing delicious and healthy fish.

Central to Loch Duart’s methodology is the belief that welfare and taste are inextricably linked. Loch Duart was the first fish farm in the world to be accredited under the RSPCA Assurance scheme which is a UK fish welfare scheme. Loch Duart holds this alongside ISO140001, Label Rouge and the GlobalG.A.P Aquaculture Standard which sets strict criteria for food safety, animal welfare and environmental and ecological care.

Loch Duart salmon are slim and torpedo-shaped, with fully developed fins and powerful tails. They are as close in taste and texture to wild salmon as is possible by farming - salmon as salmon should be.

The unique method of production consists of letting each farming site "rest" for five months to a year, enough time for the water and loch bed to naturally regenerate and cleanse itself by tides and winds. This systematic fallowing method is carried out only by Loch Duart Ltd, and it significantly increases the health and well-being of the fish as well as minimizing the environmental impact.

Loch Duart salmon is served in the most prestigious restaurants all over the world. Usually mentioned by name on the menu, Loch Duart can be tasted in Nobu/Armani Milan, Zuma Rome, Moshi Moshi, London, Le Manoir au Quatr Saisons, Oxford, Wilton’s of Jermyn Street, London and many more.

“Mit Vorliebe verwende ich den qualitativ hochwertigen schottischen Lachs, der sich mit möglichst natürlichen Nahrungsmitteln ernährt. Aus diesem Grund wende ich mich an Loch Duart.”
Gordon Ramsay

The hatchery where the eggs are incubated and hatched is supplied with water from a stream running down from a Highland loch, rich in peat deposits from this wild terrain. For the salmon's salt water stage, Loch Duart Ltd has deep and protected inlets (lochs).
The farm operates with a remarkably low stock density compared to ordinary industry standards and dimensions, (1.5% salmon and 98.5% water) this allows ample space for to the salmon to grow naturally.
The salmon's diet mimics the one that they would have in their natural environment without using growth hormones nor antibiotics. In fact, the salmon’s food is based on small pelagic fish, with the integration of fish oil, all of which comes from sustainable sources - no GMO.