Beccafico sardines

For 6 people  
24 sardines  
150 g of dry breadcrumbs  
50 g of fresh breadcrumbs  
100 g of chopped pine nuts  
50 g of raisins
1 onion  
a few bay leaves
Open the sardines, debone them but leave the tails attached and intact.
Toast the breadcrumbs in a pan with a little oil.
Remove from the heat, add the pine nuts, salt, pepper, parsley, vinegar and the raisins softened by soaking them in some water. Stuff the fish with this mixture, roll them up leaving the tails on the outside and fix with a toothpick.
Then put them in a lightly oiled baking pan, side by side in a ring, alternating the sardine rolls with bay leaves and pieces of onion.  

Bake at 180°C for about 20 minutes.

Download the recipe in pdf