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Exotic salad trout and radicchio burger trout burger trout and spinach burger Perch and salmon roast fish roast Rock-pool Seafood Mix base for pasta, rice, and sauce precooked flying squid tentacles Cuttlefish Skewers squid skewers trout and shrimp skewer with vegetables Tasty Trout and Courgette roll Squid with salmon stuffing monkfish tail Gutted Sea bass gutted bream Fresh Sea Bream Fillets salmon steak loch duart salmon fillets plaice fillet perch fillet cod fillet Sea bass fillet fresh salmon trout fillet Fresh octopus Enthauptete Sardellen Headless sardines MUSSELS IN THE NET CLAMS IN THE NET Abalone Scallops on the half shell whole medium squid flying squid rings 20/40 cuttlefish squid tufts Cuttlefish INDO-PACIFIC OCTOPUS KRAKE Ganze Kalmare pangasius fillets sardine fillets shelled shrimp tails Whole King Prawns vacuum packed sea bass Whole vacuum packed gutted sea bream vacuum packed large cuttlefish vacuum packed octopus vacuum packed 0/100 cuttlefish Skin clams skin mussels Happy fish MSC Happy fish Mini fish cake al formaggio MSC Mini fish cake al formaggio Nuggets pastellati MSC Nuggets pastellati Filettoni di merlizzo panato MSC Filettone di merluzzo panato Bastoncini di merluzzo panati Crocchette di pesce stuffed and breaded turnovers Filetti di platessa panati Fisherman's cutlets Cod Cutlets sea bass, salmon or cod medallions fish & chips scallops au gratin gratin mussels breaded turnovers with trout, courgettes and peppers breaded trout and courgette roll COMING SOON... AND ALSO...
Loch Duart Superior Taste recipes
SARDE IN SAOR SARDINE AL PREZZEMOLO FRITTO MISTO DI TRIGLIE, RICOTTA E CARCIOFI PASTA CON TRIGLIE E POMODORI SECCHI TRIGLIE ALLA LIVORNESE SURI AL PEPE ROSA MOLO CON SCORZA DI LIMONE Tart of Anchovies TRIGLIE GRATINATE AL FORNO Beccafico sardines CURLED OCTOPUS WITH SAUCE PERCH FILLET WITH TOMATO CUBES TORTIERA DI ALICI E PATATE Risotto with perch fillet CUTTLEFISH STEW TRIGLIE IN UMIDO Mussels in the pan Quinoa Trout ZUCCHINI AND PRAWN SPAGHETTI WITH CHILI PEPPER AND LEMON MEDITERRANEAN-STYLE COD FILLET MUSKY OCTOPUS SALAD SEA BASS FILLET WITH GRILLED ASPARAGUS, ROAST POTATOES AND THYME SPAGHETTI WITH CLAMS SHRIMP RISOTTO PRAWNS AND SQUIDS WITH ZUCCHINI BLACK CUTTLEFISH “IN TECIA” Clams alla pescatora (fisherman's clams) Baked Squilla Mantis PANGASIUS FILLET WITH TAGGIASCHE OLIVES Scallop of sea bass with fennel cream, green olives and pork jowl beads Stuffed squid in the Liguria style Warm salad of scallops with porcini mushrooms Tub Gurnard sailor's recipe Soused Smelt in Lario style Pesce spada con un pesto di pomodori secchi e capperi SALMON FILLET WITH ROCKET PESTO AND HEARTS OF SPINACH Filetti di Rombo in salsa al basilico in crosta di patate Monkfish with potatoes Scorfano in umido con olive e capperi Baked cod fillets Fillet of sea bass with lemon fragrance Warm octopus and potato salad
Zone FAO Chef Alessandro Borghese's Swordfish Alles Fisch So says Gordon Ramsay!!! Chef Alessandro Borghese Loch Duart Salmon - Alles Fisch Event at Armani Nobu Restaurant Milan Alles Fisch and the Emporio Armani Restaurant Alles Fisch dal drone.. ALLES FISCH fresh fish Alles Fisch renews itself The Christ that came from the sea Un lavoro una vita
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