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Serves 4 peopleabout 850 grams of cuttlefish (fresh, possibly already cleaned)5 grams of black of cuttlefish (packaged cuttlefish is also ok)2 tablespoon of tomato sauce2 clumps of parsleyA few tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil Slightly less than one glass of white wine 2 cloves of garlicA pinch of salt and pepper
Wash the cuttlefishes in tap water, if they are not already cleaned, remove the bone (pull it out with your fingers). Then cut its head with a pair of scissor and gut it. Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a big frying pan. Add two cloves of garlic (without breaking it) and let it sweat. The oil must acquire flavor out of the garlic.Remove the cloves of garlic from the oil and add the cuttlefishes. Let it brown for about a quarter of an hour. Add a pinch of salt and pepper, then dilute the black of cuttlefish with white wine.Pour your texture on the cuttlefishes and be careful to let it evaporate the wine before adding a couple of (heaped) tablespoons of tomato sauce: this is essential to make your dish tasty. Keep on cooking the cuttlefishes for about twenty minutes (until the sauce will be really thick).Once cooked, scatter some (previously minced) parsley on your cuttlefish and turn off the heat. Bring to table your black cuttlefishes still steaming hot!

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