[In this recipe: perch fillet]

Serves 4 people:
Perch fillet 500g
3 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
Ripe tomatoes 4
sliced bread 200g
Butter 60g
Wash and clean tomatoes; cut them in pieces and remove stalk and seeds; turn them into little cubes,  put them in a bowl and pour some extra virgin olive oil; season with salt and pepper and stir thoroughly.Remove the crust of the sliced bread and toast it in a grill oven or on a hot grill, then mix all up in a mixer. Wash rosemary, leave it dry on absorbent kitchen paper and mince half of the needle-sticks of the sprigs, by leaving apart the other ones for the final garnishing. Put in a bowl the minced rosemary and minced bread and stir thoroughly.Let the butter merge in a non-stick pan over a low heat, avoiding that it changes colour. Pour half of the quantity in a bowl, which is enough large to put fish fillets and, after having washed and dried them, dive them quickly and roll in the sliced bread with rosemary to coat.Put the rest of the butter back on the heat and fry the fish fillet, turning them around by means of two shovels until they will be brown on both sides. Drain them by means of a skimmer and leave to dry for a moment on absorbent kitchen paper. Then lay them on each dish. Add a tablespoon of tomato cubes to every dish and also rosemary sprigs and serve immediately.

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