Half a kilo of clams
800 gr. of local clams
4 cloves of garlic
A handful of minced parsley 
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Start preparing spaghetti with clams at least one day before. Keep clams soaking in salted water overnight, so as to remove all impurities. Put clams on a chopping board and tap on the side of the opening one by one, in order to find out if there is sand inside them. If sand’s colour coming outside clams is dark, it means that clams have been filled by sand and therefore cannot be used.
Once washed, put clams in a pot and let it cook over a not so low heat. Once they will be open, keep it away from heat: if heating keeps on too long, the flavor will be compromised.
Filter the shellfish and keep the remaining water apart.Let the garlic brown in a saucepan with oil, once cooked, add some water coming from the clams cooking.  Let it thicken slightly, then add a part of the minced parsley.Add the clam and let it cook for some minutes.Season spaghetti “al dente” with this sauce. Add also the left parsley and pepper.

Download the recipe in pdf