Superior Taste

The company is based in Kuopio, set among Finland's thousands of lakes. Fresh, high-quality ingredients using traditional Finnish production methods are the what give Kuopion Kalatuote products their Superior Taste.
Blazed salmon requires slow cooking over a high flame to ensure consistency through the whole fillet, producing a sharp, intense flavour.
Hot-smoked salmon on the other hand is cooked over a Finnish grey alder wood fire inside a stone oven. The slow cooking and constant temperature give the fish a delicate and consistent flavour.

The company has also been judged by the Brussels-based International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), the world's leading organisation for tasting and promoting superior food and drinks, and received the superior taste award, a unique international recognition based on blind tasting by chefs and sommeliers from around the world, opinion leaders and experts in flavour. We are proud that our products have been recognised with this medal of honour.

A number of varieties are available according to taste:
Hot-smoked Salmon:
- natural,
- with pepper,
- with Parmesan cheese;
Blazed Salmon:
- with herbs and honey,
- with curry,
- with soy and sweet chilli.

Distributed exclusively by Alles Fisch & c. srl in the Italian market, for discerning clients who appreciate top quality flavours.